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Published: Friday, 02 December 2011

EPFL, Bâtiments CM et CE

Convention's guide


Check the timetables

Doors open at 10:00 on Saturday (if you come earlier you can help us decorate) and the games start at 11:00 and continue all weekend long. The last games finish at 17:00 on Saturday and the doors close at 18:00 (you can come later to help clean up, though).



The entrance ticket is CHF 10.- for the whole week-end (we also accept euros). If you are wearing a costume and the person in charge of the reception deems your costume to be appropriate for the year's theme, you may have a chance to enter for free. Please note that some activities require an additional participation fee to cover for the material and/or other special expenses.


Eat and drink

On the site of the convention, you will find our bar with dedicated volunteers ready to sell you food (sandwiches, pizzas, snacks) and drinks (sodas, coffee, energy drinks, tea, and so on). On Sunday morning, we even offer you a chance to buy croissants and pain au chocolat (while supplies last).



Spending money

Orc'idée has may stands of games, gears and more where you can get all the things you never dared to dream of.




An underground dormitory (in a civil protection bunker) is provided. You can get a few hours of sleep there whenever you see fit. We do recommend that you take your own sleeping bag for the occasion. If you  want to use the dormitory, please inform us by signing up on the "Un lit pour la nuit" (A bed for the night) activity.


Helping us

Orc'idée is nothing without its volunteers. if you feel like being one of them, please visit the dedicated page or write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Getting there


By car

Follow the highway to Lausanne-Sud and get out at EPFL (Saint-Sulpice).

Drive along Lausanne's university and turn when you see the "Livraison 11 EPFL" sign.

Follow the signs marked "Satellite".


By train

Get to Renans, take the M1 metro-line to EPFL.


Get to Lausanne, take the M2 metro-line to Croisette and get out at "Lausanne Flon". From there, take the M1 metro-line to EPFL.


On the convention's week-end, the way from the M1 stop to Orc'idée's entry is marked.


The way is also pictured here.


If you are really lost on the campus, ask for direction to Satellite (Orc'idée's entry is right under this well known student bar) or simply follow costumed people (they are likely to come to Orc'idée too).