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The association

Published: Sunday, 08 December 2019

Orc’idée is a convention about simulation games that is usually held in March or April in Lausanne. The exact venture changed over the years, but is now well set in the CE building of the EPFL.

Orc'idée is 30 hours of gaming during 2 days, more than 500 visitors each year, around 10 organisers and, more importantly, the biggest convention in Switzerland with role playing games as a main theme.

Orc'idée is tabletop and live action role playing games; board games; cards and figurines tournaments; activities and conferences about LARP and RPG; but also an opportunity to interact with game creators and editors, meet the local gaming associations, fill your shelves with new games of all kind, wear a costume… and so much more!

Orc'idée is also the name of the association that organises this convention. Entirely made of volunteers, the committee is about 10 dedicated people who work all year to make this possible. During the convention, more volunteers come to help with the heavy lifting.

We are all game enthusiasts (whatever the kind of game) and we always look for new members. If you want to join our ranks, feel free to contact us.