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Tolerance and Respect Charter

Published: Sunday, 08 December 2019

Orc'idée si open to everybody, with no distinctions between genders, nationalities, sexual orientations, religious beliefs and planets of origin. We aim to be a place of gaming that respects everybody's sensibilities. With that in mind, here are a few things that the committee would like to point:

Advices for Game Masters

  • The convention is open to all; men, women and unaligned; christians, atheists and jedis; humans, orcs and elves; and so on… (we are forgetting some people on this list, be we know you will do better). Think of it when you prepare the playable characters.
  • Don't be afraid to start your game by asking everybody at the table what subject are touchy for them.
  • Offer the use of an X-Card (more on the X-Card can be found on this page).
  • Some games have an unfair setting (be it racism, sexism or another -ism). Don't be afraid to draw a line so that everybody around the table knows that even if the characters are racist/sexist/other-ist, such attitudes will only be tolerated in-game. Playing a game that depreciates women/black people/Klingons is no reason to depreciate them in real life.


Advices for everybody

  • Humour is very personal. What makes you laugh can hurt someone else's feelings. Be sensible. We are here to have fun together, not to make fun of some.
  • A convention might seem like the best place to find a date, and it might very well be. Just remember that flirting is a two (or more) way thing and that no means no.

What to do if something goes wrong?

  • You are the victim of an inappropriate behaviour? Speak up! More often than not, one does not realise the impact of their actions or words.
  • Talking about it with the person is not enough? Or perhaps you are not sure you can do it? Seek out a mediator. Other players (GM or not) can do it, and, even more so, this is why Orc'idée's committee is there for (that, and heating pizzas).
  • You are witness to an inappropriate behaviour? Don't just stand there, get in the middle and interrupt this! It is quite possible that you'll only be interrupting a particularly heartly roleplaying session (in that case, you can always roleplay the Paladin), but it is also possible that you are actually rescuing a victim (and this gives bonus luck for your next rolls). If you do not dare to step in, you can also look for a mediator to send this way (once again, the committee is there for that).


The members of the committee can be found in the following places: at the reception and at the bar. Some also roam the halls of the convention (you can recognise them at the badge they are wearing). Additionally, you'll find the phone numbers of two of the committee members in all the rooms of the convention.